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Rare Coins Make a Solid Investment for Everyone

(NUI) – Can you imagine your hard-earned dollars not shrinking with inflation year in and year out? Wealth protection is not just for the wealthy.

So, how can you protect your wealth? No matter what the income, I have found that rare coins are a solid investment for just about anyone. And here are a few reasons why:

* Protect your assets. Rare coins have the distinct advantage of having intrinsic value. The metals coins are made of have worth in and of themselves. Precious metals never go out of style. They’re always in demand. And when your precious metal is in the form of a historic rare coin, it’s even more valuable.

* Gain tremendous upside potential. Right now, precious metals are far below their historic highs. And if history tells us anything, whatever goes down usually comes back up. Furthermore, precious metals in the form of rare coins tend to go up in value higher and faster than plain bullion.

* Maximize your investment in metals. Anytime the world needs more gold or silver, we can just dig it out of the ground. But gold or silver in the form of a rare coin is completely different. We can’t go back in history and create more historic coins. Only a finite number of coins are available.

* Avoid inflation. Fifty years ago, a $20 gold coin would buy a quality men’s suit. Now you can buy several quality suits with the same $20 gold coin.Why? Paper money isn’t worth as much these days, but precious metals are. They retain their value in spite of inflation.

* Gain liquidity. Coins have the advantage of being bought and sold. National trading networks give you ready access to a market for your coins.

* Own a piece of history. Many rare coins are beautiful works of art created by celebrated artists. They’re an important part of their era and make excellent heirlooms or mementos for you to pass on to future generations.

* Avoid tax consequences until liquidation. If your coins increase in value, you won’t be taxed on your profit until you sell them. If you simply trade your coins for other coins of equal or greater value, you will not pay taxes at all.

How do you get started? Walking Liberty Inc. has Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollars, all 100 years old or older, for only $24.95 each with a three-coin minimum. A great selection of $20 gold coins is available as well. Call toll-free 1-877-COINMAN, or 1-877-264-6626, for more information.

Norman Martin has been a professional numismatist (coin expert) for the past seven years. He has collected coins for the past 34 years.