US Finance: Investing – Stock Investing Help

US Finance: Investing – Stock Investing Help

You Don’t Need an Analyst to Determine a Stock’s Direction
(NUI) – The sell-side analysis of major Wall Street firms has long been considered the benchmark for informed stock selection. Once reserved for institutions, the stock predictions of Wall Street analysts were spread widely during the 90s stock boom. For the first time, the average investor began receiving and acting on Wall Street’s “best” stock-picking advice.
Yet, long after they began precipitous price declines, analysts were still recommending names like Webvan, @Home and PSI Net. Enron still enjoyed strong-buy status from some of the leading financial services firms just weeks before its collapse. Today, these companies are faltering, merged or bankrupt – rending their equity nearly worthless.

What went wrong? Critics contend that conflicts of interest with investment banking operations led analysts down the path of promotion rather than analysis. Regardless, the fact is Wall Street’s best was not good enough. So the question is: What can the individual investor do if the market stumped Wall Street’s elite?

The secret is to have a tool that helps you know how and why stocks move either up or down. I’ve found that simple, straightforward knowledge delivered in the InvestorsHelper education package. Using InvestorsHelper, an investor would have recognized that Enron was a short – not a buy or even a hold – in February 2001, when it hovered around $77. Knowing this would have saved many individuals from the onslaught of a declining stock, losing dollar after dollar on mixed signals from the professionals. Likewise, InvestorsHelper aids in recognizing when a stock is moving upward – all at a glance.

I asked founder Robert Donnelli about the development of his stock-investing program. “InvestorsHelper’s ‘Total Stock Investment Training Program’ was designed for all individuals,” he said. “To my knowledge, we are the first ‘true equalizer’ for age, education or income. You don’t need a college degree or even a high school diploma to successfully invest in the markets. You just need the knowledge of InvestorsHelper.”

This is not done through hours of homework, but just seconds of visual recognition of a stock’s movement. One CD-ROM, priced at less than $100, can change the course of your stock investing.

It’s time to be your own stock analyst.