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Is a Real Estate Career In Your Future?

(NUI) – Real estate: It’s a great life if it’s the life you’re suited for, says Kenneth W. Edwards, author of the book “Your Successful Real Estate Career .” So how do you know if it’s the life for you?
Popular perceptions of a career in real estate (a six- or seven-figure income in a market that seems immune to Wall Street’s swings) could turn out to be blissfully true or painfully false.

According to Edwards, many real estate agents enjoy long, lucrative careers, but many others leave the field because they have an inaccurate perception of what real estate is about and what it takes to be successful. To have a fulfilling real estate career, you must enjoy an irregular workday, have a mature temperament, be willing to work with all kinds of people and, above all, be a self-motivator.

“Your Successful Real Estate Career ” is an honest look at the ins and outs of the field, from getting your license to training, listing and selling properties, survival, and long-term career options.

Described as a book that “portrays the work just as it is, hemorrhoids and all,” this career guide will show aspiring real estate agents what they can expect, along with advice on maximizing opportunities and overcoming obstacles.

For longtime career veterans, its insight into such topics as developing your professionalism, changes in the profession and maintaining personal satisfaction in the job makes it an overall career companion book.

The latest edition contains new chapters on using technology effectively, selling to culturally diverse markets and dealing with difficult clients, with step-by-step guidelines and real-life examples. It also provides up-to-date print and online references.

Whether you’re going into real estate for the first time, re-entering the profession after an absence or considering real estate as a second career, the new edition of “Your Successful Real Estate Career ” has a lot of valuable, hands-on advice for you. The book is available in bookstores now and has a cover price of $18.95.