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Tips to Help You Get Out of the Grind and Into Real Estate

(NUI) – If you have a typical job, you know the feelings of stress and anxiety that come when your company is being downsized. Are you next on the list?
Contrary to popular belief, financial freedom doesn’t have to mean working 80 hours a week. You can free yourself from the noose of stress and anxiety by investing in real estate.

If you are interested in investing in real estate, here are some tips to get you started:

* Educate yourself. Real estate investing is a complex business and one that’s fraught with pitfalls. The more information you have up front, the better. Visit your local bookstore and take home and read three to five investing books over the next few months.

* Join your local real estate investor association. These local investor groups are a great networking and support structure available to most beginning investors. For a state-by-state listing of more than 200 groups, visit

* Meet with three sellers as quickly as possible. Your goal with these three visits is not to buy a property. It’s practice. For many investors, meeting with sellers is the most intimidating part of the entire process. You must get yourself over the fear that stops so many would-be investors cold – and the earlier, the better.

* Search the Web for information on investing. Real estate investing is an information-intensive pursuit – you can never have too much. The ever-changing, up-to-the-minute nature of the Web makes it easy to track changes that will affect your new career. One great site to explore is

* Set a goal to make a minimum number of offers each week. Whether you chose to make one offer a week or 10, the key is consistency. You will not make money unless you approach real estate investing as a serious business.

Only a very small percentage of people become wealthy working for someone else. Perhaps at one time, the trade-off for a mediocre income was a sense of security, but our rapidly changing economy and business world have shown that security is a mirage.

So why accept it? To rise above the mediocrity, financial and otherwise, a person must use his or her innovation and take some risks. That’s the basis of the American Dream and it’s the heart and soul of real estate investing.

David Finkel is co-author of the Wall Street Journal best seller “Making Big Money Investing in Foreclosures Without Cash or Credit.” He also is a full-time real estate investor and the host of the nationally broadcast Real Estate Radio. His Web site, www.freein, is ranked as one of the top 10 investor sites on the Web by the American Real Estate Investors Association.